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Competing in pairs or small groups, participants take over a tired and neglected pub in the village of Little Chadwick and are tasked with knocking that business into shape and setting it off on a more profitable future.


Each round they must decide on their pub’s pricing, stock range, staff requirement, entertainment, marketing and capital expenditure. Our computer model then produces accounts, key performance indicators and market data in respect of each pub and this is used to help the teams make their next set of decisions. They will be guided by a series of inputs from the facilitator, who will keep them updated on the competition and, more importantly, will clearly explain how to use and interpret the accounting and market information they are receiving. A final review examines each team’s strategy and brings together the key learning points.

Virtual Village Pub makes no apology for being a lot of fun – but there is serious and substantial learning content within the simulation and we believe that people learn more when they are focused, stimulated and, yes, entertained. We think a bit of healthy competition is no bad thing either!


Flick through the course notes from the one day workshop.

Remember, this is the generic booklet - we can always brand it in your own corporate style.

Take a look at the information the players receive - accounts, market data, competitor analyses and graphs.

Players download these reports from a password-protected website.

See the checklist of commercial learning points that will be woven into the programmes.

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