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THE ONE HOUR EXERCISE for Assessment Centres   

This one-hour exercise is not a training course but it is a learning opportunity - a chance for you and your colleagues to learn how candidates perform in a team under pressure.

You will learn:

  • how they assimilate information

  • how they get their point across to others

  • how they actively listen to the others in their team

  • how they think with originality

  • how they prioritise tasks

  • how they manage their time

  • how they demonstrate the beginnings of business acumen

This exercise uses the same scenario as in the workshops but adds additional market data to give the teams plenty to chew on. We would suggest giving the team 40-50 minutes to complete the exercise.

Whereas the one-day and half-day workshops involve a series of decisions, interspersed with the publication of fresh accounts and reports, this one-hour exercise involves making just one set of decisions (though it does allow for seasonal variations in some cases). Teams are required to decide on a suitable market positioning for their pub and then agree on a single set of decisions which take the pub in that direction.

The exercise is much more about how the team works rather than what decisions the team comes up with, but there is a short (ten minute) review at the end which will indicate:

  • how the pubs' offerings compare with each other

  • how successful the pubs were at attracting the people they were trying to attract

  • how the pubs managed their limited resources - space and people

  • how much profit each pub would have made

Not for general consumption but ask us if you'd like to be sent a copy!

Screenshot 2024-01-22 163339_edited.png

We can provide a facilitator for the final review (in the room or on screen), or it can be self-facilitated. It should be noted that facilitating this exercise is significantly easier than facilitating the workshops.

The maximum number of teams is eight and the team size is three to six. In practice, the ideal number of teams will depend on how many people are available to observe the teams' deliberations.

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