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THE ONE DAY WORKSHOP:      Financial & Commercial Awareness

One day workshop featuring Virtual Village Pub business simulation

Each pub team is 2 or 3 people and we recommend using either 3 or 4 live pubs. This gives a group size of between 6 and 12 people. A fifth team can be incorporated if needed.

The PowerPoint slides and booklets can be branded to meet your requirements. We can also adapt materials to enhance consistency with your own terminology.

The default agenda includes the Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow, as well as key ratio calculations.  Some clients choose to omit the Balance Sheet and Cash Flow, which then allows for a shorter workshop or for the inclusion of other group exercises of particular relevance to the client. Teams then receive the simplified accounts shown here. The usual one-day timetable is shown below.

"Great fun from the start to the end but very informative. Brilliant way of learning the theory whilst making it practical."   -   J Hammond, Renewi plc

A Typical One Day Timetable

Note the general approach, used throughout the day: 

  1. Here's the theory

  2. Watch me apply the theory to the Silver Bullet (one of the autopilot pubs)

  3. Here are your latest accounts - now you apply the theory for your own pub...

Coffee with Virtual Village Pub business simulation
Lunch with Virtual Village Pub business simulation
Tea with Virtual Village Pub business simulation
Prizes with Virtual Village Pub business simulation

9.00      Introduction to the Programme and to the Simulation

9.30      Teams study scenario, agree their market positioning and make Round 1 decisions (Summer).

10.00    Facilitator explains Profit & Loss Account and uses Silver Bullet accounts to demonstrate          simulation's P&L, market reports and competitor analysis.

11.25     Teams review Round 1 accounts and make Round 2 decisions (Autumn)

11.50     Facilitator explains the Balance Sheet, illustrating with the Silver Bullet, introduces graphs.

12.15     Teams review Round 2 accounts and make Round 3 decisions (Winter). 

1.20       Facilitator explains the Key Ratios; teams perform ratio analysis on their latest accounts,    comparing their pub to the market average. Facilitator demonstrates with Silver Bullet ratios.

1.55       Teams review Round 3 accounts and make Round 4 decisions (Spring)

2.15       Facilitator explains the Cash Flow Statement, illustrating with the Silver Bullet,

2.50       Facilitator revisits the key points about the accounts and tests understanding.

3.10       Teams review Round 4 accounts and make Round 5 decisions (Summer again).

3.30       Facilitator presents Final Review, drawing out commercial learning points and revealing results.

4.20       Underwhelming prizes awarded; close.

Want a guided tour of the Virtual Village Pub Simulation?

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