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As with any business simulation, part of the learning is achieved through playing the game - by enjoying successes and, perhaps more so, by overcoming challenges and setbacks. This learning is enhanced through working in a small team, sharing ideas and correcting misconceptions. 


Unlike in many other business simulations, our one-day and two-day programmes feature a significant amount of facilitator-led instruction too. This comprises two elements:

  • financial awareness training, delivered in short, PowerPoint-style bursts between rounds of the simulation and immediately linked in to the pubs' accounts, and

  • commercial awareness training, brought out during the review of the simulation and drawing on the activities of the pubs, either by reference to what they did (good and bad) or the pitfalls they managed to avoid.  The review discusses the strategies, market positioning and key decisions of the teams, using graphs - first for the Black Horse and then overlaying the other pubs in turn. A second series of graphs shows the outcome of those decisions. The checklist of commercial learning points which the facilitator draws out are encapsulated by the wise words of Chad - Little Chadwick's favourite barman.

In the generic programmes, the financial awareness agenda includes the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Key Ratios. Clients can of course alter the programme (some have chosen to remove the Balance Sheet and spend longer with the P&L). It is also possible (and advisable) to explain any differences between the terminology of the pubs and those of the client.

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