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Licensing with Virtual Village Pub business simulation
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The DIY Option

The simulation is now available on a self-facilitation basis at about a reduced cost. This option is intended for larger organisations who wish to put significant numbers through the Virtual Village Pub experience, perhaps using the simulation within a broader or more company-specific programme.

We will make sure that we fully support your in-house facilitator(s) by providing:

  • thorough training

  • an easy-to-use trainer's guide

  • access to videos of all the facilitators' input, including reviews of previous games.

We will also provide a facilitator as a co-presenter at no extra cost (except expenses) until your in-house trainer is ready to go it alone. Course notes are made available in Microsoft Word for you to produce your own booklets.

The simulation software is reissued each time it is used, so you will always be using the latest version.

Key to Success

For self-facilitation to be the right road, you will need to find the right people for the job - people who can bring together sufficient technical knowledge of finance (though they needn't be qualified accountants) with the communication skills of the trainer. 

If you've one or more people who can tick both boxes, self-facilitation may be the way to go!

It should be noted that the one-hour exercise for assessment centres is much easier to facilitate as there is only one set of data to receive and no accounts to distribute. 

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