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THE ONE HOUR TEAM EXERCISE for Management Events

Pub signs photo.jpg

This one-hour exercise provides an entertaining but business-oriented game for a management get-together.

We recommend three people to a team; the maximum number of teams is eight.

It borrows the scenario from our longer workshops but asks teams to decide on a market position for their pub and make decisions for all four quarters in one go. We recommend giving them 45 minutes to complete the task.

Our facilitator then presents a short review, indicating:

  • how the pubs' offerings compare with each other

  • how successful the pubs were at attracting the people they were trying to attract

  • how the pubs managed their limited resources - space and people

  • how much profit each pub would have made, showing graphs that compare:

    • customer numbers​

    • spend per head

    • gross margin %

    • overhead spend

    • profit made

Though not ostensibly a training event, there are plenty of relevant take-aways for any organisation that focuses on delivering to customers, maximising margins, controlling costs and managing resources.

Want a guided tour of the Virtual Village Pub Simulation?

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