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Each round, the teams fill in the next column of their Decision Grid. They then receive updated Accounts, Market Reports, Competitor Analyses and Graphs. In the training room, these documents appear on the teams' laptops. In the online version, these reports are available as PDFs from the team's password-protected control page.

One more column is completed each round. The one day format has five rounds, the online format has four. All pubs have made the same 'default'  decisions in the round before the team takes over.

The Profit & Loss is the main focus, but teams also receive a Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. 

The facilitator explains each from first principles and then talks through the accounts of one of the 'autopilot' pubs on the screen (or on video).



Clients wanting a tailored, in-house programme may opt to use the simplified accounts format (with no Balance Sheet or Cash Flow).

This allows the workshop to be shortened or to include additional group exercises.

Calculates the pub's key ratios and compares to the market average. Also drills down into financial and marketing data and provides information on the efficient use of resources - staff and space.

Shows what all eight pubs were doing in the latest quarter. Green shading means that item has been increased, pink shading means it has been decreased. Also gives anecdotal information on who is popular with which market groups.

For people who prefer to look at data visually, these graphs plot the pub's performance (solid line) against the market average (dotted line).

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